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502 E 45th Street
Boise, ID. 83714


Welcome to Alloway Electric

Boise's premier electrical contractor, Alloway Electric, responds with licensed electricians in fully equipped vans to handle your residential repairs, remodels, new construction, installations, and maintenance contracts.

Servicing the Treasure Valley since 1924, we are proud of our heritage.  Our customers know they come first and can count on Alloway Electric to take care of their problems.  With Alloway Electric, your problem is no problem - call the people you trust!


Our Alloway Electricians are Boring

Clare Vaterlaus

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            Luckily for Alloway customers, having an electrician who can bore can be an advantage!  Alloway electricians are trained in Directional Boring, or Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), a method for installing underground electrical pipes or conduits with minimal disruption on the surrounding area.  Directional Boring provides many advantages over traditional methods, including lower cost, less traffic disruption, shorter completion time, and less environmental impact. 

            The Directional Boring process starts with digging a receiving hole and entrance pits that allow for the drilling fluid to be collected, which lowers the impact on the environment and lowers the cost.  The first pass of the drill creates a pilot path following course that overseen by a location and guidance system on the surface.  On the second pass, the drill enlarges the diameter of the hole.  On the third and final pass, the technician places the power conduit. 

            For your electrical projects that require work beneath a sidewalk or driveway, trust an Alloway electrician to use the boring method and minimize the impact on your property.  Choose to lower the cost and lessen the time of your project with Directional Boring.  Alloway Electric can deliver all the benefits of a “boring” electrician along with their trademark dependability and customer service. 

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Written by: LauriAnn Deaver

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