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502 E 45th Street
Boise, ID. 83714


Welcome to Alloway Electric

Boise's premier electrical contractor, Alloway Electric, responds with licensed electricians in fully equipped vans to handle your residential repairs, remodels, new construction, installations, and maintenance contracts.

Servicing the Treasure Valley since 1924, we are proud of our heritage.  Our customers know they come first and can count on Alloway Electric to take care of their problems.  With Alloway Electric, your problem is no problem - call the people you trust!


Energy Landscape in Idaho

Clare Vaterlaus

          Alloway Electricians work to harness electricity for the benefit of its residential and commercial customers.  Working in Idaho, that power comes from several different sources.  About 75% of the energy consumed in Idaho (a figure that includes residential, commercial, industrial, and transportation fuel usage) comes from out-of-state sources.  While Idaho remains heavily reliant on outside energy resources, it leads the nation in several aspects of energy production and utilization.

            As of 2011, Idahoans enjoy the lowest average electrical prices in the United States.  Around 80% of the power produced within the state comes from hydroelectric sources, 10% from natural gas, and the remainder from wind and other resources.  The Hells Canyon Complex on the Snake River is the nation’s largest privately owned hydroelectric complex.  Because of Idaho’s commitment to hydroelectric power and other clean energy sources, it ranks 47th in the nation in total carbon dioxide output.

            Idaho continues to find ways to efficiently create power for its residents that is clean and affordable, just like Alloway Electric works to insure that their qualified electricians complete your commercial or residential electrical efficiently and at an affordable price. 


Source: Idaho Strategic Energy Alliance’s Energy Primer, 2013 Update.

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