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Welcome to Alloway Electric

Boise's premier electrical contractor, Alloway Electric, responds with licensed electricians in fully equipped vans to handle your residential repairs, remodels, new construction, installations, and maintenance contracts.

Servicing the Treasure Valley since 1924, we are proud of our heritage.  Our customers know they come first and can count on Alloway Electric to take care of their problems.  With Alloway Electric, your problem is no problem - call the people you trust!


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DIY Lamp: A Taste of Fall

Clare Vaterlaus

Today's DIY Lamp Shade was found on the blog My 1929 Charmer. This is a great decoration to bring the feeling of Fall into your home. The nice thing about this DIY Lamp Shade is that you can take it down when the season is over. It is a simple cover up. All you need to do is take a trip to the local dollar store and buy some burlap and a few fall decorations and let your creative side roll. Feel free to read more on "how to" make this shade on the blog My 1929 Charmer.

DIY: Night Light

Clare Vaterlaus

The kids went back to school today! It is time to get back on a schedule and get the kids to bed early. Often kids wake up throughout the night frightened or with the urge to go to the bathroom. Trying to walk to the bathroom is scary when it is pitch black, even for some adults. We found a list of the 41 Coolest Night Lights for kids. Some of them have links to purchase and some are DIY. If you need help installing them, or need an outlet closer to the bathroom or bed room give us a call.


DIY Lamp: Ping Pong

Clare Vaterlaus

Ping Pong is not just a game any more, it's a fashion statement in the home! This week's DIY lamp was found on Poppytalk. This colorful lamp will brighten up any room. Whether it is in your kitchen or kids room, it is guaranteed to be a conversation starter. All you need is spray paint and 30 balls per group (6 rows) for a total of 180 balls for a 45 cm diameter shade. For the step by step directions continue reading here! If you need help installing the lamp, feel free to give Alloway Electric a call.

DIY Lamp: Block by Block

Clare Vaterlaus

School is just around the corner! Enjoy one last Summer project with the kids before they head back to school. Here is a fun DIY block lamp found on bloglovin'. Warning: Your children might become sidetracked and begin playing Jenga, or pretending that their newly built castle is under attack. Follow the pictures below to begin the adventure of building your own block lamp! If you need help installing it when you are done, give us a call.

DIY Lamp: Back to School

Clare Vaterlaus

The summer is almost over and the kids are on their way back to school. Getting kids to do their homework is always a battle. There are a few things that will help to alleviate some of this stress. Allowing them an area where they feel comfortable and they have enough space and light will make completing their homework easier and gives them a sense of routine. A great way to create more space and light is to hang a desk like to the wall, instead of keeping it on the desk. For more details on how to do this, read this DIY. Good luck with BACK TO SCHOOL!

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