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502 E 45th Street
Boise, ID. 83714


Welcome to Alloway Electric

Boise's premier electrical contractor, Alloway Electric, responds with licensed electricians in fully equipped vans to handle your residential repairs, remodels, new construction, installations, and maintenance contracts.

Servicing the Treasure Valley since 1924, we are proud of our heritage.  Our customers know they come first and can count on Alloway Electric to take care of their problems.  With Alloway Electric, your problem is no problem - call the people you trust!


Commercial Services 

Alloway Electric is equipped to manage all of your commercial building electrical requirements at every level—from multi-million dollar new-build projects to minor electrical installations and repairs.  At the commercial level, our goal is to create an electrical system that insures safety and energy efficiency.  Our electricians will equip workspaces for maximum productivity today and make allowances for changing or growing needs over time.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

Is it time to upgrade or replace your electrical panel?

The average life span of a building today is around 30 years.  Frequently, when a building is updated and renovated, the electrical wiring remains the same.  This means that many businesses are operating with insufficient electrical support for their modern electrical appliances.  Increasing electronic consumer use and energy consumption can result in an outdated electrical system being easily overloaded. 

Lighting Upgrade Savings

Alloway Electric is the expert on saving you money on your electricity.  By taking advantage of the rebate programs in a given state, we are able to maximize the payback of your investment.

Make the Switch to Energy Efficient Electricity

More and more businesses are switching to energy efficient electricity.  These businesses want to make smart decisions when it comes to equipping their company with appropriate energy saving devices.  By making the switch you not only increase your potential profitability, but you also help save the environment from toxic fossil fuel pollution and contribute to a more secure energy future for America. 

It can be a challenge to determine the best steps to take in order to yield the greatest benefit in your business.  Let Alloway Electric help.  Call us today and find out how our experienced electricians can help you increase profitability and energy efficiency!

Alloway Electric Co. Inc. BBB Business Review