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502 E 45th Street
Boise, ID. 83714


Welcome to Alloway Electric

Boise's premier electrical contractor, Alloway Electric, responds with licensed electricians in fully equipped vans to handle your residential repairs, remodels, new construction, installations, and maintenance contracts.

Servicing the Treasure Valley since 1924, we are proud of our heritage.  Our customers know they come first and can count on Alloway Electric to take care of their problems.  With Alloway Electric, your problem is no problem - call the people you trust!


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Aerial and Underground Equipment

Alloway Electric is a qualified electrical contractor that can install structured wiring in buildings. Our qualified electricians can also install outside underground and aerial cable. The underground construction methods used vary with job specifications and site conditions.

Pneumatic piercing tools: Piercing tools, also called moles, have been in use for years, providing an economical method for making short compaction bores under sidewalks, driveways and other surfaces.

To make an installation, a tool is placed in a starting pit or trench, is connected to an air compressor, and literally pounds itself through the ground.

Trenchers: When surface damage is not an issue and there are no existing buried utilities at the job site, digging trench, placing duct or cable, and returning soil to the excavation is a fast, economical method of underground construction.  Trenchers dig continuous, narrow trenches, depositing spoil on either one or both sides for fast restoration.

Loader-backhoes: Although much slower than a trencher, tractor-mounted loader-backhoes are widely used to dig trenches.  Even though the width of the bucket is much larger than needed for a telecom installation, time and money are saved when a backhoe on-site is employed rather than bringing a trencher to the job.

Compact Excavators: In the past few years, compact excavators have done a growing amount of utility work.  Unlike a full-sized excavator, compact models can dig offset trench adjacent to streets, fences, buildings, and other obstacles.  With a variety of attachments, they also can do numerous other tasks.  Track-mounted compact excavators can work on a variety of terrain and in wet conditions where wheeled equipment is difficult to use.

Skid-steer loaders: Today’s skid-steer loader models are multipurpose tool carriers with an array of attachments.  Several of these attachments such as trenchers, backhoes, vibratory plows, pole-digger augers, and tampers are perfectly suited for utility projects.  Wheel-mounted skid-steers turn on a dime, can move quickly from place to place on the job site, and can perform many other jobs.  Track-mounted mini skid-steer loaders can work in confined spaces and in wet areas where wheeled equipment cannot operate.



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